Why I'm Running

I'm running for Congress to fight like a mother for Georgia's 10th District. We all deserve guaranteed healthcare, top-notch education, and abundant opportunities to succeed.

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Fight like a Mother!

In May, the Rev. Jody Hice voted against my daughter and every other child who suffers from a chronic illness by voting against the ACA. He voted against every family struggling with medical bills that relies on Medicaid, every family that finds itself facing a sudden serious illness without enough to cover the expenses, and he voted against us without meeting us in person and looking us in the eye.

The day after that vote, my husband was laid off and we lost our family's healthcare. While we tried to hide the stress from our daughter, who lives with a chronic illness, kids are perceptive, and ours likes to eavesdrop.

When she figured out we might be struggling, she went to her piggybank, emptied it out, and offered to pay for her healthcare herself. In that moment, I saw all of us – all of us working every day and just barely making it – all of us too long ignored by Washington.

I told my daughter to keep her quarters, and I decided to run for congress to fight like a mother for every family in the 10th District.