Georgia congressional candidate Chalis Montgomery stands against rollback of Title IX protections

In an unsurprising but disappointing move Thursday afternoon, U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos announced that her department would weaken a set of Obama-era requirements for how colleges and universities deal with campus sexual assaults. Under the 1972 Title IX amendments, schools are legally required to respond to any such complaints under the federal civil rights law.


Georgia congressional candidate Chalis Montgomery slams Hice vote against Harvey relief

Chalis Montgomery, a Democratic candidate for Georgia’s 10th congressional district, has called on U.S. Rep. Jody Hice to pledge now to support those in the southeast who will be impacted by Hurricane Irma.


U.S. Congressional candidate from Georgia blasts Trump decision on DACA

This morning, the Trump administration officially notified nearly 800,000 people that they are not welcome in the United States. These people came to this country as children and know no other place to call home. And now they are essentially left in limbo, as the president has called on Congress to come up with a new law to replace the Obama-era executive order by next March.


Chalis Montgomery supports state's partial reversal on voter 'purges'

The state of Georgia quietly announced Friday that it would end the practice of sending notices giving voters 30 days to update their address or be purged from voter rolls.


Congressional candidate Montgomery ready to continue the fight

Following historic Democratic victories in elections across the country, 10th District congressional candidate Chalis Montgomery is poised to tap into the impassioned energy generated to defeat Congressman Jody Hice.


Democratic congressional candidate Chalis Montgomery to speak on voting rights

Atlanta—Democratic congressional candidate Chalis Montgomery is scheduled to speak on voting rights Friday, as part of a holiday celebration hosted by a grassroots group working to secure the vote for all Georgians.


GA-10 Candidate Chalis Montgomery Calls for Renewal of CHIP Program

After months of inaction from Republicans in Congress, the CHIP program, which provides low-cost health insurance coverage to 9 million American children, was allowed to lapse. This program, which since 1997 has been supported by members of Congress in both parties, is essential to ensuring that our children can live healthy, high-quality lives and get the medical care, immunizations, and checkups that they need.