GA-10 Candidate Chalis Montgomery Calls for Renewal of CHIP Program

After months of inaction from Republicans in Congress, the CHIP program, which provides low-cost health insurance coverage to 9 million American children, was allowed to lapse. This program, which since 1997 has been supported by members of Congress in both parties, is essential to ensuring that our children can live healthy, high-quality lives and get the medical care, immunizations, and checkups that they need.

“The failure to renew CHIP on time is a failure of leadership by the Republican-led Congress,” said Chalis Montgomery, Democratic candidate for Georgia’s 10th District. “They have failed to prioritize children and families and we must hold them accountable."

While there isn't a serious debate about whether CHIP should be renewed, Republicans in Congress focused their divisive efforts on repealing the Affordable Care Act. The time spent on this failure put the solvency of the CHIP program at risk in all 50 states, including Georgia, where hundreds of thousands of families across the state and in Georgia's 10th District depend on CHIP every day.

The failure of Republicans in Congress to do the job they were elected to do is yet another example of why we need real change that is for every voice—including our children—in Washington.

“I’m a mother of a child with a chronic illness, Thankfully, my family has been able to care for her because of our ability to get employee health insurance. For millions of children and families though, CHIP has been the only way to get access to the health care they need."

“Every dollar we spend to give families a chance to purchase low-cost insurance is a dollar that isn't being eaten up by medical debt and ER bills. That’s why I’m calling on our Georgia leaders and legislators to work with me to ensure that CHIP is there for the children and families in our communities. Time is of the essence.”

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