Georgia congressional candidate Chalis Montgomery slams Hice vote against Harvey relief

Chalis Montgomery, a Democratic candidate for Georgia’s 10th congressional district, has called on U.S. Rep. Jody Hice to pledge now to support those in the southeast who will be impacted by Hurricane Irma.

Hice, who represents the 10th district, voted against Hurricane Harvey relief and the debt ceiling on Friday, breaking with a majority of his state’s Congressional delegation on the $15 billion dollar measure that passed with just 90 Republican votes in opposition. This could signal to those in the path of Hurricane Irma how Hice could vote in the future.

“With Irma bearing down on Georgia, we call on the Rev. Jody Hice to do the work he was elected to do and pledge now to vote for an aid package to assist victims of this latest storm,” said Montgomery. “We also call on Hice to reaffirm his commitment to Christian faith by caring for the ‘least of these,’ through direct action on a vote that will allow those supporting relief efforts and providing aid to have the resources necessary to help the entire region.”

The Montgomery campaign is prepared to assist with relief efforts across the state of Georgia and is ready to gather resources to help those in the storm’s path.

The relief package awaiting the president’s signature includes $7.4 billion for direct assistance for victims of Hurricane Harvey; $450 million for the Small Business Association to help those businesses recover; and $7.4 billion in Community Development Block Grants for all disasters this year. This added money could be used for Hurricane Irma or other natural disasters.

The deal also extends until December the debt-ravaged National Flood Insurance Program, which helps homeowners and businesses recover after devastating floods. In addition, the bill funds the critical functions of the federal government for the next three months.

With roughly 500,000 evacuating Florida, in addition to both presidential and state declarations of emergency in Georgia, it is essential to our state that the federal government is prepared to help in any recovery efforts, Montgomery said.

“He voted against Harvey relief when citizens desperately needed help,” she said. “How will he vote when it comes to Georgia?”

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