Candidate Montgomery applauds Clarke Co. Sheriff’s reversal on ICE detentions

Athens, Georgia--Chalis Montgomery, Democratic candidate for Georgia’s 10th Congressional District, is applauding the Clarke County Sheriff for his policy reversal on Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detentions.

Sheriff Ira Edwards instituted a policy in July complying with ICE requests to hold undocumented county jail inmates for up to 48 hours beyond when they would have otherwise been released so that ICE could pick them up for deportation.

That many of these inmates had not been convicted of a crime and were not charged with violent offenses was met with criticism and protests by members of the Athens-Clarke County community.

Edwards’s announcement came late Friday, and followed the welcome failure of Gerogia’s state legislature to pass a bill that would mandate ICE detentions.

”We are inordinately pleased with Sheriff Edwards’s lawful decision on this, as it protects families from being torn apart,” said Montgomery, who lobbied Congress on immigration reform as part of the Evangelical Immigration Table. ”Organizations such as the Athens Immigrants Rights Coalition, Dignidad Imigrante en Athens, the Interfaith Sanctuary Coalition and Athens For Everyone--among many others--mobilized our community to fight these deportations at every turn. This victory belongs to them.”

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