Democrat Chalis Montgomery denounces U.S. withdrawal from Iran Nuclear Deal

ATHENS, GA -- Democratic congressional candidate Chalis Montgomery strongly condemns the president’s decision to forgo diplomacy and withdraw from the Iran Nuclear Deal today. Such a reckless and unilateral move threatens our alliances among our strongest global partners--including France, Germany, and the United Kingdom--who remain committed to holding Iran accountable.

“The decision to leave shows a blatant disregard for international cooperation and unity,” said Montgomery, who is running in Georgia’s 10th Congressional District. “The best way to hold Iran’s nuclear program accountable is to remain in the deal.”

This decision further undermines and jeopardizes ongoing diplomatic efforts to denuclearize the Korean peninsula, and calls into question the mantle of American diplomacy elsewhere. It also shows that Congressman Jody Hice lacks leadership in this area, as he has strongly opposed the deal.

The original members of the Iran Nuclear Deal, or the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, as it is formally known, included the United States, China, France, Germany, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the European Union. As of now, the other members of the deal remain committed to the plan.

“Withdrawing from the Iran deal and reinstating sanctions only hurts our credibility in the region and dismisses the hard work of the negotiations that resulted in the deal in the first place,” Montgomery said.

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