Ensuring Health Care for All

Medicare for All

Medicare for All or health care for all is a moral and economic necessity. Too many individuals and businesses are burdened by exorbitantly high insurance costs while our outcomes fall far below that of other countries. Covering everyone means that there will be more money returned to the economy in consumer spending, more jobs created as a result, and a healthier, more productive workforce. While we can and should cover everyone, we should also preserve the private marketplace if there are those who would like to purchase more coverage options.

Maternal Mortality

Our maternal mortality rate is the highest in the developed world, and significantly higher for those living in poverty and minorities. In Georgia’s 10th District, many women must drive more than an hour for maternal care and do not, as a result, seek pre-natal check-ups necessary to maintaining their health. Providing funding for more critical care centers and maternal health centers will be a top priority.

Drug Abuse

Opioid abuse causes 91 deaths per day in the United States. Each day, more children enter the foster system and more families deal with loss due to addiction to opioids and other substances. The opioid crisis requires a multi-faceted solution which involves tighter prescribing standards and follow up care, monitoring treatment centers to ensure long term outcomes are met, and funding for community education programs.

Gun Violence

While opioids cause 91 deaths per day, bullets cause 86 deaths per day. We have a bullet epidemic, and it is time to pass smart protections that keep kids and communities safe while preserving our rights. As a survivor family member of Moms Demand Action, I understand what can happen when guns are in the wrong hands. Preventing domestic abusers from accessing weapons and banning bump stocks are two very necessary measures. Finally, we must allow the CDC to do the proper research into the prevention of gun violence and treat it as the public health issue that it is.