Investing in an Equitable Future


We must fully fund our  educational system from pre-K through  college to ensure we are prepared for the  21st century workplace. America’s children  deserve a chance to succeed. America’s teachers deserve a chance to teach using best practices, which include more time spent on curriculum and less time testing.


Our future depends on recognizing the ecological and economic impacts of climate change. Investing in green energy will provide stable jobs and reduce carbon emissions. We must not continue to roll back EPA protections for clean air and water and sell off our public lands to the highest bidder.

Food Security

Due to sociopolitical and demographic shifts and a changing climate, our future depends on planning now for a consistent food infrastructure. When war drives up transportation costs, food costs rise as well. Our population is aging and needs access to fresh, healthy food near our homes. Drought, floods, and wildfires endanger more farmland each year. To increase our food security and eliminate food deserts, we need to incentivize home and community gardens, local farming cooperatives, and small family farms.