Preserving Our Rights and Freedoms

Voting Rights

When we preserve voting access and security, we preserve our liberty. Therefore, I support automatic voter registration and mandatory paper verification of the vote.

Civil Rights

We must ensure that the Constitution truly provides equal protection under the law. I support a renewed effort towards civil rights that includes fully ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment, which would guarantee working women equal pay for equal work, the passage of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), and strengthening the Americans with Disabilities Act. Finally, we must redouble our efforts to protect the 1st Amendment right to free speech by diversifying our media landscape, restoring net neutrality, and ensuring that the free exercise of religion is maintained by continuing the separation of church and state.

Criminal Justice Reform

In Georgia today, the amount we spend in one year to incarcerate low-level, first-time offenders is slightly higher than what would be earned in one year working at a minimum wage job.I support initiatives to offer probation and a paid internship to first time offenders, giving people another chance rather than a conviction. Further, the implementation of mandatory minimums unnecessarily forces much longer sentences than necessary in some cases. Finally, unaccountable private prisons must be transitioned back to public ownership.

Immigrant Rights

America depends on immigrants who serve their communities in so many different ways. It's time to honor their commitment to this nation by providing a clear path to citizenship. No human is illegal, and America’s shifting demographics depend on the vitality of our newest residents.